Giving thanks

I’ve been blessed with many amazing people in my life. My parents, a large family, many friends and all kinds of people God has put in my path over time have helped me to see who I am, who I should be. Of these people, is someone I get to share each day. He is someone who understands me, someone who helps me and someone who loves me despite all of the things that are un-loveable. There’s a rugged genuineness about him that demonstrates his masculinity, yet he is still incredibly soft, gentle and kind; usually when I need it most. His selfless ways are what I admire most and there are so many reasons why I love him. He’s been my best friend since the junior high and always has been a person I deeply cared for.

I’ve always known he was incredible. It wasn’t until we had children, however, that I began to fully understand his vocation here on earth. And I began to fully understand my own, too. Scott is such a crucial part of our family. His role is vital to our kids’ prosperity and to me fulfilling my own. We are a team. He’s an unbelievably amazing husband, father, provider and example. My kids love their dad. They need him. We need him. Honestly, it is inconceivable to think about life without him. Each day after work as he tries to relax, he is smothered in craziness as everybody piles on top of him on the couch. Sometimes I feel sad, because he doesn’t get enough time for himself or the things he enjoys. He is a giver. He cares about us. He is so much for us. And he is so much for other people. It’s hard sometimes to share him and I cannot imagine what life would be like without him.

This is why the news of the death of a very devoted family man in our small little community recently hit us very hard. He was killed very suddenly in a car accident leaving behind an expecting wife and three tiny children. This man cared about people, he was on fire with a love for Jesus Christ and much like Scott, his family was everything to him. They live just up the road from us and since I heard of his death, I cannot get his beautiful wife and their four tiny children out of my head. All I can do is think about how hard it must be, how hard it will be and how I would react if faced with the same heartbreaking circumstances. Even with their strong faith, there will be many obstacles to overcome. There will be many sad nights and many little questions about daddy that will need to be answered. It’s really hard to think about and so I pray for her every day.

I’ve got so much to be thankful for but still I struggle with frustration over little things that don’t really matter. I struggle with patience and sometimes I even struggle with anger. I don’t always see things in a positive light. I don’t always foster peace and sometimes, I know, my words can be harsh. I don’t know why these struggles are so hard to overcome at times. It’s the people closest to me that see the brunt and it’s not okay.

I’ve come to the point in my life where I know what is important and I need to show it. I need to remain positive and joyful. I should be building those around me up and continuing to thank God for every blessing and each circumstance. And I always need to remember that in an instant everything can change. Each day is a gift and each person a blessing. People matter, period. As Mother Teresa said, we should always begin our kindness with those closest to us.

“Spread love everywhere you go;
first of all in your own house.
Give love to your children,
to your wife or husband, to
a next door neighbor.

Let no one ever come to you
without leaving better and happier.
Be the living expression of God’s kindness;
kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes,
kindness in your warm greeting.”